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Terms & Conditions

How we deliver the goods

  • A download link will be provided, generally within 48 hours depending on project type, via a cloud storage service – Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox – and will remain available for at least one week

  • Any other delivery accommodations could result in additional costs to the client


How we communicate during projects

  • Email is generally the best way to contact us at

  • For extended and ongoing projects, additional avenues may be set up for project and team efficiency via Asana, another project management software, other social media or team communication programs, e.g. Pinterest, Facebook, Slack


When we ask for payment

  • Invoices will be sent via Wave Apps

  • Invoice due dates will be listed on the invoice and will vary by project type and scope of work

  • Projects greater than $1,000 require a deposit of 50% upon agreement of terms, unless otherwise specified and agreed herein

  • Multi-service real estate projects – photos and 3D will be delivered upon completion and videos will be delivered once payment is received

  • Commercial photo, video and 3D projects will be delivered after payment

  • Retainer and project phase payment plan clients will have automatic invoices set up accordingly

  • Non-payment of retainer and phased payments could result in delayed projects and client work

  • Final payments are due according to the original timeline set herein regardless of project status

  • Scope creep and additional resources (e.g. licensing for audio or fonts) needed or requested throughout the timeline could result in additional costs to the client and will be added to the final invoice. Whenever possible, an addendum will be added to the original agreement with project changes and costs associated to be agreed on by the client before costs are incurred


When life happens

  • Cancellations of photo, video and 3D will be accepted up to 48 hours before the scheduled shoot time. Deposits received will be non-refundable unless otherwise specified

  • Cancellations of graphic design, branding or strategy clients will be accepted with written notice and any deposit received will be non-refundable. Additional costs, if applicable, incurred over and above the deposit and received amount will become due upon cancellation

  • Any property or client shoot that the photographer deems not ready for shoot will be rescheduled and additional shoot fees will be assessed

  • Trip charges will be a minimum $50 charge plus any applicable mileage charges

  • If the photographer becomes unavailable (due to illness, equipment failure, etc.) or an unforeseen issue arises, CTown Media Company will contact the client as soon as possible to reschedule or make appropriate accommodations

  • If an act of god or weather interferes with a shoot, the photographer will make a decision regarding the best course of action and it will be at the photographer’s discretion to either continue the shoot, reschedule or cancel any aspect. The plan and whether additional costs would be involved will be discussed with the client if options are available

  • Any and all harassment, including verbal and physical, as deemed by the photographer, will not be tolerated and the photographer reserves the right to leave the premises without warning and no refunds will be given




What happens with all this awesome content

  • CTown Media Company and individual photographers and designers will retain and maintain all copyrights to content created. The photographer and CTown Media Company may use content created for marketing or company purposes unless otherwise specified

  • Special licensing requests will be addressed above with details of the job

  • Standard Real Estate specific content (photography, videography, 3D, etc.) that is not otherwise specified will include licensing for that single listing only and may not be used for any other purpose.  Additional licensing for other marketing efforts may be discussed and purchased separately

  • CTown Media Company and the photographer retain the right to sell images or content to a third party for a specified license agreement separate from the primary client’s license and agreement when appropriate and individual transactions and situations will be taken into consideration

  • Sensitive, confidential or trade specific information will not be shared or discussed outside of dealings with the client


We love road trips

  • A mileage fee may be assessed for a shoot outside of 20 miles of the photographer’s residence and will be addressed at time of quoting or consult

  • Additional fees that are necessary including, but not limited to, mileage, food, lodging, airfare will be discussed prior to the shoot when possible and may be assessed on the final invoice if expenses arise in the normal course of the job

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