Samantha Lee

Social Media Mistier

The thing Sam loves most about working for Ctown Media is the creative madness. She’s been friends with Derek, Ctown’s founder, for five years and has loved watching Derek’s passion for entrepreneurship and authenticity evolve into the current team. Sam has been in human resources for almost all of her career, after graduating with a degree in Nuclear Medicine in 2018. Her favorite things outside of work are her kids, Cleveland sports, Ohio State Buckeyes, softball, soccer, volleyball, photography and spending time with some other special people. Her professional dream is to one day get into Philanthropy.

Sam is Ctown’s go-to person for social media strategy and management. She makes sure our clients get optimal traction out of the content we create for them, because what’s the point of kick-ass content if it’s not being seen by the right people? Her goal is to help clients get the most out of Ctown’s services, and also to get you to laugh at her jokes.