Derek Lindsay

Cheif Instigator

Derek is a color blind photographer, entrepreneur, and dad. After spending time in manufacturing and 3D modeling and learning about the Matterport’s capability to create full 3D models, he knew that was his calling. Starting with one service and one piece of equipment, he has slowly and sustainably built his skills, client-base, and team over the years, while keeping his values of connection and authenticity at the center of his work.

Being able to interact with different people and in different places on a daily basis keeps things interesting for Derek. He loves working with creatives because they’re all different and have their own opinions, which allows each person to look at the same property or canvas a bit differently. He is grateful to have people on his team who have the diverse skills with which to execute his crazy ideas.

Derek’s passion for problem-solving and story-telling through media and technology has translated into one killer team.

Derek’s motto: let’s get rolling.